A surprising video from a Delta flight exhibits an offended girl berating a fellow passenger for not sporting a masks.

Only the lady wasn’t sporting a masks.

The footage exhibits Karen yelling at a person behind her for not sporting a masks after which beating him when he replied, “You put your masks on, bitch!”

Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta went loopy‼ ️ pic.twitter.com/I9BZUKv3LB

– ATL uncensored | Atlanta News (@ATLUncensored) December 25, 2021

After the person was overwhelmed, he mentioned to the Karen, “You are going to jail now. This is assault. As quickly as we arrive in Atlanta, you’ll go to jail! “

A flight attendant tried to separate the offended girl and the seated passenger when the masked girl referred to as out once more: “Put your masks on!”

The man replied, “Put yours on, bitch!”

“I’m not going to place my masks on!” mentioned the offended pro-mask girl.

The incident occurred on a visit from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia.

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