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Muggy with some storms round

The risk for storms will enhance this afternoon into this night.

Cute or Creepy? China’s Olympic Mascot Bing Dwen Dwen

Have you seen our OLYMPIC T-SHIRTS but? “Fake Snow. Real Genocide.” is the tagline. Check them out at https://www.chinauncensored.television/merchandise Is Bing Dwen Dwen the lovable,...

A Tour Of Midlothian Virginia | Midlothian VA

This is a video tour of Midlothian Virginia. In this video I present you throughout Midlothian VA together with close by procuring, eating, and...

Remembering 104-year-old WWII veteran

Lieutenant Colonel Louis Martin was a World War II veteran and died peacefully on the VA hospital over the weekend.

Leftist Rioters PANIC Over “Rittenhouse Precedent,” Tucker Interview Hits 5M Viewers Shattering LIES

Leftist Rioters PANIC Over "Rittenhouse Precedent," Tucker Interview Hits 5M Viewers Shattering LIES. Leftists and Democrat activists are arguing that as a result of...