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Why China Can’t Steal Its Way to Microchip Dominance

Back in 2015, China rolled out a 10-year plan referred to as Made in China 2025 that was meant to make China a dominant...

Decoupling from China’s Economy Without Hurting Ourselves

The US and China economies have change into intently linked. As China tries to subvert the US utilizing financial warfare, how can the US...

Task Force to Reimagine Public Safety Meeting, August 7

This is a recording of the digital August 7 assembly of the Task Force to Reimagine Public Safety.

#142 Behind the Curtain: China’s Capture of the Michaels | China Unscripted

In December of 2018, Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig had been arrested in China, allegedly on spying fees. This occurred days after Canada's...