Thursday, November 11, 2021
Work Session – 3:00 p.m.
New Bridge Learning Center Auditorium
5915 Nine Mile Road
Henrico, VA 23223
1. Approval of Agenda
1.01 Approval of Agenda
2. Closed Session
2.01 Closed Session
2.04 Exit Closed Session
3. Certification of Closed Session
3.01 Certification of Closed Session
4. Superintendent
4.01 Consideration of Recommendations for Expulsion of Students
4.02 Approval of Personnel Items
4.03 Approval of the 2022 Legislative Agenda
5. Chief of Staff
5.01 Henrico County Public Schools Health Committee Update
5.02 2021 Annual Student Membership Report
5.03 2020-2021 College Readiness Indicators and Advanced Placement Test Performance
6. Finance and Administration
6.01 Review of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Replacement and Improvement Grant Funds
6.02 Review of Virginia School Screening Testing for Assurance Funding and the Establishment of 13 Nursing Positions
6.03 Review of Annual Audits of School Activity Funds for FY2021 and Summary of HCPS FY2021 Audited General Fund Results of Operations
7. Operations
7.01 Review of Construction Contract for Parking Improvements at Moody Middle School
8. Unfinished Business
8.01 Unfinished Business Items Presented by the Board
9. New Business
9.01 New Business Items Presented by the Board
10. Announcements / Adjournment


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