Japan’s authorities has turn into extra outspoken about defending Taiwan, and Japan’s protection minister has even talked concerning the necessity of defending Taiwan if China have been to assault it. This is important as a result of Japan’s army can solely be used for protection functions. If Japan sees an assault on Taiwan is a risk to its nationwide safety, that might set off a army protection response. Watch this episode of China Unscripted for what may occur to Japan if China have been to take Taiwan. Joining us on this episode is Dr. Robert D. Eldridge, an professional on Japan’s safety and diplomacy and a senior researcher on the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies.

Article: Memo to Kishida: Komeito’s Cozy Relationship with China Risks Japan’s Security https://japan-forward.com/memo-to-kishida-komeitos-cozy-relationship-with-china-risks-japans-security/

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This is a spotlight from the total episode No. 138 Japan Is Facing an Existential Crisis Over Taiwan https://youtu.be/2apIYrHAhjY

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